Coaching Tips

Orienteering Australia has a comprehensive coaching tips page that starts with the basics (orienting your map) to more advanced topics (navigating through rocks and advanced interpretation of contours).

Coaching Tips (Orienteering Australia)

Map Symbols and Control Descriptions

It’s important to learn the map symbols for both bush & sprint maps, as well as the control description symbols – see below for PDF downloads. Once you have learned the symbols, you may want to do this online quiz to test your memory!

PDF: Map Symbols for 1:10,000 and 1:15,000 bush maps.

Direct pdf download: Bush Map Symbols

PDF: Map Symbols for sprint maps.

Direct pdf download: Sprint Map Symbols

PDF: Control Description Symbols

Direct pdf download: Control Description Symbols

Uncrossable features at a Sprint

Sprint maps include features that are forbidden to cross. It’s very important that the rules are followed. If a competitor doesn’t follow the rules they will be disqualified.

Out of Bounds Area poster: Download PDF

Article by Eric Andrews: Sprint Maps – Uncrossable Features

Anthony Scott's Orienteering Lessons

Introduction to Orienteering

Intermediate Orienteering Skills

Advanced Orienteering Skills

These lessons introduce some advanced orienteering techniques used by elite competitors.

Lesson 13: Concentrating on Your Navigation
Lesson 14: Navigating in Complex Granite Terrain