Map Symbols and Control Descriptions

It’s important to learn the map symbols for both bush & sprint maps, as well as the control description symbols – see below for PDF downloads. Once you have learned the symbols, you may want to do this online quiz to test your memory!

PDF: Map Symbols for 1:10,000 and 1:15,000 bush maps.

Direct pdf download: Bush Map Symbols

PDF: Map Symbols for sprint maps.

Direct pdf download: Sprint Map Symbols

PDF: Control Description Symbols

Direct pdf download: Control Description Symbols

Uncrossable features at a Sprint

Sprint maps include features that are forbidden to cross. It’s very important that the rules are followed. If a competitor doesn’t follow the rules they will be disqualified.

Out of Bounds Area poster: Download PDF

Article by Eric Andrews: Sprint Maps – Uncrossable Features

Anthony Scott's Orienteering Lessons

Introduction to Orienteering

Intermediate Orienteering Skills

Advanced Orienteering Skills

These lessons introduce some advanced orienteering techniques used by elite competitors.

Lesson 13: Concentrating on Your Navigation
Lesson 14: Navigating in Complex Granite Terrain

Orienteering Australia Coaching Tips

Orienteering Australia has a comprehensive coaching tips page that starts with the basics (orienting your map) to more advanced topics (navigating through rocks and advanced interpretation of contours).

Coaching Tips (Orienteering Australia)