Our Maps!

  • Blue – Schools, University & other Sprint maps
  • Orange – Canberra Nature Parks
  • Green – Cooma/Monaro/East Bush Maps
  • Olive – Kowen Forest
  • Brown – Namagi bush maps
  • Yellow – Street-O maps

You can toggle layers by clicking the sidebar icon on the map header and selecting which layers to view (eg. turn off Street-O and School maps).

OACT Map Library

All of our maps are stored in an online map library for use by members of Orienteering ACT. If you would like access to the map library, please contact the office.

Learn to make maps

Would you like to learn how to make maps or update existing maps? We have experience with LiDAR, fieldwork with GPS enabled tablets, OCAD 12, OpenOrienteering Mapper and many other tools and techniques. Our experienced mappers are able to give you free mapping lessons and advice.

Create and Update Maps

If you are an experienced mapper, or would like to learn how to make maps, we would love to hear from you! We have a very active mapping program that includes creating new maps, updating existing maps, mapping projects that range from small schools, up to complex granite bush maps, and we’re always looking for more people to help out. We also pay you for your work. Contact the office or the Mapping Officer for more information.

Permanent Courses

Are you looking for our permanent courses? Have a look here: Permanent Courses.