SC-ORE is an Orienteering Team Based Challenge for Primary School Aged Children.

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Autumn SC-ORE
Registration closed. 

Spring SC-ORE
Registration closes 11:59pm Friday 20 October 2023.

SC-ORE is an Orienteering Challenge for teams of 4 children

TEAMS: Two Boys and Two Girls per team (preferably from the same school)
AGES: Open to children in Years 3 to 6.
DATES: Twice a year. Autumn series in March, Spring series in October.
TIMES: Four Thursday Mornings before school. Briefing at 7:45 am (7:40 am the first week). Mass start at 8:00.
COST: $28 for the 4 week series (+3% Register Now Booking Fee)

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SC-ORE Video

For a full list of rules and guidelines, see SC-ORE Rules and Guidelines

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