Permanent courses allow you to print your own map and do an orienteering course in your own time. We have a number of permanent courses in Canberra and courses to suit all ages an abilities.

MapRun is an Android/iOS orienteering app that provides GPS based punching and timing for courses. There are plenty of courses to try and you can compare your time to others.

Vote For Gang Gangs in Australian Bird of the Year Poll 2021

Canberra orienteers should vote for our Gang Gang cockatoos, the bird emblem of Canberra, and the basis for the name of our teams in the National Orienteering League, the Canberra Cockatoos, in the Guardian Australian Bird of the Year Poll 2021. The voting system in 2021 has changed and it is now almost a case …

MTBO Championships Cancelled

The 2021 ACT Mountain Bike Orienteering Middle and Long Distance Championships, scheduled for 16 and 17 October, have been cancelled. The MTBO organisers and course planners have decided upon this action based upon the following reasons: OACT has seen fit the cancel all events until further notice. We do not believe that there will be …

Board Shorts 230 – August 2021

The OACT Board met via Zoom this week. The Development Officer, Susanne Harrysson, joined the meeting to report that: We are ready to commence some additional mapping work at Mulligans Flat once the lockdown ceases; Northside Community Services continues to support and publicise orienteering in the Gungahlin area, but it continues to be difficult to …

Cancellation of Remaining Winter Season Events

As a consequence of the ongoing ACT COVID-19 lockdown, the 2021 ACT Middle and Long Distance Championships, the remaining 2021 Metro Series events, and the remaining 2021 Midweek Series events have all been cancelled. It is hoped that some of these events may be rescheduled to a later date, once the lockdown has lifted. Individual …

ACT League Still Deadlocked

Pictured (L to R): Grant Bluett, Matt Crane, David Stocks The ACT League, which has Grant Bluett and Matt Crane deadlocked leading on 670 points, was to have been resolved this weekend with the scheduled ACT Middle and Long Distance Championships, but, because of the COVID-19 lockdown, they have had to be postponed to a …

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