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Are you looking for a coach to help you learn or take your Orienteering to the next level?

Want to be a coach?

Are you interested in coaching others? Do you want to get your coaching qualifications?

Looking for coaching opportunities?

Are you looking for coaching opportunities in Canberra and already have experience?

Orienteering ACT has many different coaching programs. See below for one that suits your situation. You can also contact the Coaching Administration Officer if you need help.

For a list of coaches that hold a current accreditation, download the Accredited Coaches PDF from OA Coaching.

For all (self study)

Beginners: Getting Started

Moderate: Skills

Advanced: Advanced Skills

For boys and girls ages 7-13

For boys and girls ages 12-18

For girls ages 7-18

For beginner adults (parents in particular)

For anyone over 18

Watch the Events page, or contact the office.

For experienced 18-35 year olds

Coaching accreditation information is available on the Orienteering Australia website: Coaching Accreditation 

Level 0 and 1 coach accreditation (and re-accreditation) is the responsibility of Orienteering ACT. Level 2 and above accreditation (and re-accreditation) is the responsibility of OA.

Please contact the Coaching Administration Officer if you need help.

Level 0

Also known as a community level coach. This level is suitable to become a Sporting Schools coach. The basic requirements are to complete an online course (approx. 3-4 hours), attend a short workshop, and be a regular participant at club level events. Note that the Level 0 course is not an accredited course, but has been recognised by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).

Level 1

Ideal for coaches that are introducing orienteers to the bush and the fundamental skills of off track navigation.

Please visit the OA coaching webpages for  more on Level 1 accreditation and resources.

Level 2

Refine and further develop the skills and fitness of orienteers.

Please visit the OA coaching webpages for more on Level 2 accreditation and resources.

Level 3

Coaches will be working with our most competitive and advanced athletes.

Please visit the OA coaching webpages for more on Level 3  accreditation and resources.

Orienteering ACT would love to have you involved in coaching, whether it’s coaching the children just starting out, or our Cockatoos elite team. Please contact the relevant coaching officer here: OACT Office Holders

Blue Sparks

Blue Lightning


Sporting Schools

Children aged 7-13

Children aged 12-18

Canberra’s elite team

Children aged 7-13 (programs typically involve half a day for 4 weeks at a time)

Coaching Scholarships Program

There is also an Australia wide coaching scholarships program, of which OACT is a part of. If you are interested in one of these scholarships, see Orienteering Scholarships Australia

Working With Vulnerable People

The law in the ACT requires coaches and others carrying out activities with children to be registered under the Working With Vulnerable People Act 2011.

There are certain circumstances where a coach may not be required to be registered for one-off type activities. These circumstances are described in s.12 of the Act.

If you have any queries about how the WWVP legislation applies to you, please read the guidance from Access Canberra here or contact the primary schools coaching coordinator in the first instance: