Learn to Orienteer is a beginner program for anyone who wants to learn to orienteer – all ages are welcome.

Learn to Orienteer is held twice a year, in May-June and October-November. A series of one-hour sessions are held once a week.

Lessons are conducted in small groups, with a focus on different skills and giving participants plenty of opportunities to have fun exploring techniques and building confidence in using a map to navigate.

Permanent courses are open 24 hours a day at many locations around the Canberra region. Great for families, school groups, scout patrols, and anyone else that wants to give orienteering a try!

Print your own map or use your smartphone.

Have you tried a few events and would like to join a club? You are always welcome as a day member, but joining Orienteering ACT has many benefits!

Become a member of Orienteering ACT to benefit from discounted entry fees, season pass eligibility, and other benefits.

You do not need to know any of this in order to show up at and enjoy an orienteering event! 

But if you’re ready to build some skills, read on.