Blue Lightning is the Development Squad for junior orienteers in the ACT. Any secondary school student may join, most members are from 12 to 18 years old, younger orienteers from around age 10 are welcome to participate if they are transitioning to more difficult (moderate) courses.

SC-ORE is a team based challenge for primary school children in years 3 to 6.

It is held over 4 weeks twice a year. Autumn series in March, Spring series in October.

Learn to Orienteer is a beginner program for anyone who wants to learn to orienteer – all ages are welcome.

Learn to Orienteer is held twice a year, in May-June and October-November. A series of one-hour sessions are held once a week.

Lessons are conducted in small groups, with a focus on different skills and giving participants plenty of opportunities to have fun exploring techniques and building confidence in using a map to navigate.

OACT has experienced instructors ready to deliver “Map Ready” teaching focused on map, outdoor & spatial skills. 

Our programmes are suitable for students in years 3 – 12 and can be delivered to meet your school’s curriculum.

The OACT Primary School Championships are held in November, usually on the fourth Wednesday. There are no selection requirements, however it’s recommended that children have done two events before.

The OACT Secondary School Championships are held annually, usually late in the Saturday Metro Series. There are no selection requirements, however it’s recommended that the student has some orienteering experience, such as having attended a school orienteering coaching session or has done two events before.