MapRunF is an Android/iOS orienteering app that provides GPS based punching and timing for courses. You can download it from the Google Play or Apple App Stores. See An Introduction to Using MapRunF for more information on setting up and using the MapRunF app.

You can access the MapRunF courses at anytime. Do please comply with current distancing restrictions. Courses available in Canberra include:

Street-O Courses

We have a number of street orienteering style courses. These courses are coded as a 60 minute, scored, scatter course, where the aim is to navigate to as many controls as you can in 60 minutes. There are penalties if you run overtime. However you are welcome to treat them as a timed scatter course, for a specified number of controls (18, 15, 12 or 8 usually), and use your time as your result, ignoring the score. The current courses include:

Aranda-Bruce May 2020 (PDF map) (results)
“Select Event” -> “ACT” -> “StreetO” -> “Aranda-Bruce May 2020”
Park at the Aranda District Playing Fields carpark in Banaga Place in Aranda. Start/Finish at the concrete tub by the building next to the carpark. As this is a “figure-8” course, take care not to approach the finish until you actually intend to finish. Course set by Pat Miethke and Lawrie Brown.
Deakin May 2020 (PDF map) (results)
“Select Event” -> “ACT” -> “StreetO” -> “Deakin May 2020”
Park behind Deakin shops in Hannah Place. Start/Finish at path by carpark. Course set by Jon Glanville.
Florey May 2020 (PDF map) (results)
“Select Event” -> “ACT” -> “StreetO” -> “Florey May 2020”
This is Pat Miethke’s “Five Fingers of Florey” course. Park in the carpark behind the Florey shops. Start/Finish at the bottom of the steps to the oval.
Monash May 2020 (PDF map) (results)
“Select Event” -> “ACT” -> “StreetO” -> “Monash May 2020”
Park in Erindale by the footbridge. Start/Finish at the light pole by the track junction up the hill from the far end of the footbridge over Erindale Drive. Course set by Lawrie Brown.
Red Hill May 2020 (PDF map) (results)
“Select Event” -> “ACT” -> “StreetO” -> “Red Hill May 2020”
Park in gravel carpark off Monaro Crescent opposite Canberra Grammar Sschool. Start/Finish at footpath junction with Monaro Crescent opposite Golden Grove. Course set by Jon Glanville.

Permanent Courses

There are a number of Permanent Courses in Canberra, a few of which also have MapRunF versions. You can access more information and maps here. MapRunF versions, mostly as line courses, include:

Fadden Pines Short 2020 (results)
“Select Event” -> “ACT” -> “Permanent” -> “Fadden Pines Short 2020”
A version of the 2020 short course at Fadden Pines, Bugden Av, Fadden.
John Knight Long Draft
“Select Event” -> “ACT” -> “Permanent” -> “John Knight Long Draft”
A version of the original long course at John Knight Memorial Park, Townsend Place, Belconnen. Note: the maps have been updated for this area, so this course needs updating, as it does not match the current map.
MR Lotus Bay (results)
“Select Event” -> “ACT” -> “Permanent” -> “MR Lotus Bay”
A purely virtual course around Lennox Gardens, Flynn Drive, Yarralumla. This course is coded as a 20 minute scored scatter course.


You can view your results for any event in the MapRunF app, where you can also view “All Results for this Event” that have been uploaded to the server.

You can also view course results on the MapRunners site by selecting “Results” then “Leader Board”. Or just use the Leader Board QuickLink button. Start typing the event name you want into the “Filter:” box, and then select it from the dropdown menu (note, you may find some previous or test versions there, so select the current public course), and then select “OK”. The course results are shown. You can click on any column header to sort results by that column value.

Please let us know if you find any control locations out of place, or encounter any other problems with these courses.