Time of year May – August
Start times  10:30am – 12:00pm
Course closure  1:00pm
Day of week  Saturday
Courses Very Easy, Easy, Moderate 1, Moderate 2
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The ACT Metro Series (incorporating the ACT Junior League) is for people of all ages and abilities. School age participants, families, and newcomers are particularly welcome. Events are held in bushland, parkland and pine forest venues close to Canberra.

Three to four courses (one of very easy standard, one of easy standard, and two or three of moderate standard) will normally be offered, with lengths ranging typically from 2 to 5 km. While the program is designed to offer juniors the opportunity to run courses suited to their needs, adults are most welcome. Mentors will be present to assist newcomers, both juniors and adults.

ACT Junior League

The Metro Series incorporates a Junior League, based on the results of all events, with competitors being awarded points on placings within the junior class on their course. Enrolment in the Junior League is automatic for any participants aged under 21 with an Eventor account.

Upcoming Metro Series Events