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NSW State League #2 - Snows Hill (ACT League #2)

18 March 2018
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Big Foot Orienteers
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Because this is the first combined ACT/NSW league weekend for many years, there are a few things that we are working through. Please read the information on the event web-site which will be updated on an ongoing basis. ACT orienteers - note that EOD prices for Red and Orange courses will be set at the same rate as pre-entry prices. This is a NSW rule. There will be a very limited number of entry on day maps left for some courses - specifically Hard 1 - Hard 5.

Terms and conditions
Risk Waiver We have read the general risk warning and the specific risk warning in the Event Information for this event. We are aware that orienteering is a recreational activity that can be dangerous, accept that there is a degree of risk and acknowledge that we participate in this event at our own risk. We are aware of, and will comply with Orienteering NSW’s Competitors’ Rules. We release Orienteering NSW, its affiliated clubs, members and all other parties associated with organising the event from any responsibility or legal liability associated with our presence at, and participation in, this orienteering event. To the extent that the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 applies this release is limited to responsibility and legal liability for death or personal injury and does not apply to significant personal injury caused by reckless conduct by Orienteering NSW, its affiliated clubs, members and all other parties associated with organising the event. General Risk Warning Competing in an orienteering event is subject to risks. These include death, serious injury or illness due to: • rough terrain and obstacles; • overexertion; • heat, cold or other adverse weather conditions; • plant and animal life; and • accidents with vehicles, other competitors or pedestrians. There are also risks: • that access to medical, evacuation or search services might be slow; and • of damage to, or loss of, your personal property. Statements 1. We are aware there is no health, accident, ambulance, disability or life insurance provided. 2. We allow the free use of our names and photo in entry information, results, news, marketing and promotional material pertaining to the event or orienteering. This does not extend to publishing a photo of a person under 18 with their name. 3. We will ensure that any children under our control at the event are appropriately supervised at all times. We acknowledge that parents and guardians are responsible for deciding whether their children are capable of orienteering by themselves at each event. 4. In entering this event we commit not to whinge, whine or otherwise complain about minor problems within ear-shot of the download area and officials, and acknowledge that we may be subject to a summary penalty imposed by the organiser if we do so indulge.
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Event Contact Information

Contact person
Andy Simpson
Course planner
Simon George
Event controller
Cath Chalmers


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