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ACT Classic Series: ACT League #4, Mt Taylor

28 April 2024
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Courses will make use of the underutilised upper and southern slopes of Mt Taylor, with plenty of rock and vegetation detail.

The terrain is steep, rocky, and quite green in places, but courses have been designed to avoid the most unpleasant areas and to provide route choice opportunities to avoid some of these obstacles. The reward for this physical challenge will be technical middle distance orienteering and some spectacular views.

All hard courses will encounter steep side slopes, rocky ground, and green vegetation. The longer courses spend proportionately more time in this terrain. Course lengths have been set to achieve typical middle distance winning times, keeping in mind the physically challenging nature of the terrain.

The map has been updated with lidar derived vegetation. The vegetation mapping is generally accurate, although exact boundaries should not be relied upon. All courses will have a 1:7500 scale, with 5m contours.

Significant areas of the map are out of bounds, courses have been set to avoid these areas. These areas have been marked on the map using purple cross-hatching, but their boundaries are not apparent in the terrain and will not be taped. Passing through these areas is permitted only on mapped tracks.

There is a map flip on the Hard 1 and Hard 2 courses.


Pre-entry only. Entries close 11:59pm Thursday 25 April.

No entry on the day.

COURSES (length, climb, controls):

Hard 1 (4.3km, 220m, 16), Hard 2 (3.3km, 150m, 13), Hard 3 (2.6km, 115m, 10), Hard 4 (1.8km, 80m, 6), Moderate (2.6km, 80m, 10), Easy (1.6km, 50m, 6), Very Easy (1.6km, 30m, 8).


Between 10:00 and 12:00.

There is a 600m walk to the start up a steep hill, allow 10-15 minutes.


Courses close at 14:00 (2:00pm). You must report to the finish by 14:00, whether you have finished your course or not.


South end of Waldock St, Chifley.

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Event Contact Information

(02) 6182 1815
Course planner
Paul de Jongh
Contact person
Paul de Jongh
Event director
Nina Davis
Course controller
David Stocks


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