The Wildfire Winter Classics, which are both National League and ACT League events, will be staged over the weekend of 26-27 August 2017. The details of the events on each day are set out in the following paragraphs.

Wildfire Sports Sponsorship Prizes. Wildfire Sports have kindly offered a series of prizes including a headlamp, hydration vests, sporting clothing, etc. These will be available for the first two placegetters on each of the four elite classes on both days.

Website: OACT Events
Enquiries/Contacts: 0429 398 794

Level 3 Controller Wildfire Sports UltraLong: Bill Jones

Level 3 Controller Icebug Galaxy: David Hogg

Event Director: Robert Mouatt


Saturday 26 August Wildfire Sports Ultralong

2017 National Orienteering League # 11

2017 ACT League # 9

Organising Club: Bushflyers

Event Controller: Dennis Trewin

Organiser: Peter Miller

Course Planner: Patrick and Tristan Miller

Venue: The Gib (Gibraltar Hill), a steep, boulder-strewn high hill a few kilometres south-east of Bungendore.

Event Format. As the name implies, the course lengths will be longer than the usual Long Distance courses. All the Hard courses will have Mass Starts. The four courses for NOL competitors will have multiple loops. Course 1 (M21E) will have three loops; the other three courses for NOL competitors will have only two loops. NOL competitors will be seeded, based on NOL rankings as at 1 August, and course allocations will be based on those seedings. There will be two map changes for M21E and a single map change for the other three elite courses. These will be at the Start adjacent to the Assembly area, except for W20E where the map change for the second loop will be remote. The Hard courses for other competitors will have Mass Starts, but no loops. Courses will be planned to offer route choices and other opportunities to favour the better navigators. Standard formats will be used for Moderate, Easy and Very Easy courses.

The Gib 2013: 1:10,000, 5 metres contours. The map was first used for the 2013 Australian Middle Distance Championship and used for a couple of ACT events since then.

The terrain is a rather steep complex granite area with semi-open and open areas with higher visibility. Runnability is general good, although there are areas on the western side where the understory is quite dense making running more difficult. These generally correspond with areas with denser granite outcrops. Much of the ground has a rocky cover providing a trip hazard especially when running at speed.

National League: mass starts; with loops:

  • 11.00 am: Course 1: M21E
  • 11.05 am: Course 2: M20E
  • 11.10 am: Course 3: W21E
  • 11.15 am: Course 4: W20E

Courses 5-9: Mass Starts; no loops:

  • 11.30 am: Course 5, Course 6
  • 11.35 am: Course 7
  • 11.40 am: Course 8
  • 11.45 am: Course 9

Courses 10-13; interval starts:

  • From 11:30 am at two-minute intervals

Course/Class Details

Course Navigation Distance
Course 1 Hard  19.2 km  M21E
Course 2 Hard  13.5 km  M20E
Course 3 Hard  13.5 km  W21E
Course 4 Hard  9.5 km  W20E
Course 5 Hard  7.5 km  M21A, M35A, M40A, M45A
Course 6 Hard  6.0 km  M50A, M55A, W21A
Course 7 Hard  5.0 km  M16A, M20A, M21AS, M60A, M65A, W35A, W40A
Course 8 Hard  4.0 km  M70A, M75A, M35AS, W21AS, W35AS, W16A, W20A, W45A, W50A, W55A, W60A
Course 9 Hard  3.0 km  M55AS, M80A, M85A, M90A, W55AS, W65A, W70A, W75A, W80A, W85A
Course 10 Moderate  3.8 km  M14A, MJuniorB, MOpenB
Course 11 Moderate  2.9 km  W14A, WJuniorB, WOpenB, OrangeEOD
Course 12 Easy  2.8 km  M12A, W12A, M/WJuniorEasy, M/WOpenEasy, GreenEOD
Course 13 Very Easy  1.9 km  M10, W10, M/WJVeryEasy, M/W10Novice, BlueEOD

Sunday 27 August Icebug Galaxy

2017 National Orienteering League # 12

2017 ACT League # 10

Organising Club: Red Roos

Event Controller: Mace Neve

Organiser: John Sutton

Course Planner: Jason McCrae

Venue: Aranda Snow Gums, William Hovell Drive ACT, 6 kilometres west of the Canberra GPO.

Map/Terrain: Aranda Snow Gums 2017, 1:5,000, 2.5 metres contours. It is a new map of an area which is predominantly gully spur terrain with several significant erosion gullies. It includes areas of farmland that is no longer grazed and areas of wooded forest. There are numerous dams on the map and large marshy sections.

Event Format: The Icebug Galaxy will be a matched-race for pairs of competitors with multiple loops undertaken in different order by the two competitors. For each course, competitors will have a common final loop or a common last control. NOL matches would be based on NOL rankings as at 1 August and competitors seeded accordingly. Competitors will start in reverse order to their rankings, with the highest ranked pair starting last. The designed winning time will be 25 minute winning time. Starts will be at one minute intervals. The same format will apply to the other Hard classes, with competitors matched on the basis of being in the same or a comparable Age Class. Other classes will have standard formats.

National League (Matched races):

  • From 9.30 am: Course 1: M20E, M21E
  • From 9.30 am: Course 2: W20E, W21E

Other Hard courses (Matched races):

  • From 10.30 am: Courses 3-6

Other Courses (standard interval starts):

  • From 11.30 am: Courses 7-10.

Course/Class Details

Target winning time for Hard courses 25 minutes

Course Navigation Distance
 Course 1  Hard  5.7 km  M20E, M21E
Course 2 Hard  3.9 km  W20E, W21E
Course 3 Hard  4.1 km  M21A, M35A, M40A, M45A, M50A
Course 4 Hard  3.7 km  M16A, M20A, M55A, M60A, M65A
Course 5 Hard  3.3 km  M70A, M75A W16A, W20A, W21A, W35A, W40A, W45A, W50A
Course 6 Hard  2.6 km  M80A, M85A, M90A, W55A, W60A, W65A, W70A, W75A, W80A, W85A
Course 7 Moderate  3.5 km  M14A, MJuniorB, MOpenB
Course 8 Moderate  2.8 km  W14A, WJuniorB, WOpenB, OrangeEOD
Course 9 Easy  2.5 km  M12A, W12A, M/WJunEasy, M/WOpenEasy, GreenEOD
Course 10 Very Easy 1.8 km M10, W10, M/WJVeryEasy, BlueEOD

General Information

Previous Maps and Embargoes. Copies of the previous maps are available at The Gib and Aranda Bushlands and will be at the Assembly areas. Details of the embargoes are on the OACT website at Embargoes.

Entry Fees (GST included) Senior (>20) Junior (<21) Family Max (1)
Wildfire Sports Ultralong: Elite classes (2) $40.00 $30.00
Icebug Galaxy: Elite classes (2) $40.00 $30.00
Wildfire Sports Ultralong: Other classes $24.00 $14.00
Icebug Galaxy: Other classes $18.00 $10.00


  1. The Family maximum will be calculated by Eventor on the basis of two adult fees and the lowest junior fee.
  2. The Elite (National League) entry fees include the cost of OA NOL levies and extra maps.

Entries will close on Eventor at 11.59 pm on Wednesday 16 August 2017

Late Entries will only be accepted at the discretion of the organisers.

Enter-on-the-day entries will only be accepted for three courses [Moderate (Orange), Easy (Green), Very Easy (Blue)] on the basis that the entries are unofficial, with only one class per course, and full entry fee is paid. EOD competitors will start after all official competitors, and if no pre-marked maps are available EOD competitors will draw their course within their competition time.

Start Times and Final Event Information will be posted on Eventor by 11.59 pm Sunday 20 August.