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Oceania – start lists and Bulletin 3

Start lists for the Oceania Sprint, Australian Long, Oceania Long, and Oceania Middle are now available via Eventor. Start lists for other events at the carnival will be available soon.

Bulletin 3 has also been added to each day’s Eventor listing to describe important updates to Bulletin 2 and add terrain notes.

Download Bulletin 2 [updated 22 Sep 2019]

Download Bulletin 3

Please note that unless there is a mistake on our part, we cannot change any start times or classes before the event/s. With around 1000 competitors at many of the events, and multiple classes per course, changing just one person can have a massive knock on effect. If you need a change then speak to registration on the day and they will do their best to accommodate reasonable requests with a punching start.

However in the meantime please check your SI details. In particular, please note:

  • Hired SIAC cards have now been allocated, so if you hired a SIAC card but you don’t see that against your name (i.e. a number in the 8000000 range) then email us. Some numbers might not have not been assigned correctly if a different name was used on the SIAC hire request compared with the actual event entry (e.g. Matt vs. Matthew).
  • If there is no SI number against your name, but you have an SI, please let us know, as it will be much easier to have this added before the event starts than on the day.

To provide us with this information, please email

Not long to go now 😊

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