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Keen Coaches Step up to Take ACT Juniors to New Heights

Orienteering ACT punches well above its weight in the junior’s space. With the enthusiasm and energy shown at Tuesday’s annual coaches meeting, this will continue. Fourteen OACT members, some very new to orienteering, combined to formulate top plans for coaching in 2019.

2019 Coaches Meeting

Two key ACT junior squads – Blue Lightning and Radford take on new coaches in 2019. Capable triathlon coach, Bushflyer Ken Mansell is keen to bring his enthusiasm to the Blue Lightning juniors. Ken might be an O rookie, but with his energy and new found love for the sport, combined with technical support from Red Roo/Canberra Cockatoo Mark Gregson, and support from talented coaches like Parawanga’s Cathy Hogg and Bushie Paul de Jongh, Ken is sure to learn a lot and fast!

In 2019 the Radford College Squad will be directed and coached by the very capable team of Steve Doyle (Abominable) and Taswegian Jarrah Day.

The new squad on the O block is Canberra Girls Grammar Junior. With its new co-curricular club just starting, this squad is gathering a flock of gutsy girls. Inspired and led by teacher and Bushflyer, Mary Bullock, this squad will be one to watch!

Focus on Girls led by Toni Brown, supported by Sara Norrgrann and Shannan Forrest, looks set to continue the trend of growth both in number and form.

MTBO is also preparing for expansion. Red Roo Marina Iskhakova is offering coaching, support and entry level MTBO courses this year.

And finally we are planning two coaching workshops for Wednesday March 13 and 20. “Coach or Be Coached” sessions will be held from 5 to 7pm. The Coach or Be Coached Workshop will meet some of the Level 1 and Level 2 coaching accreditation requirements.

There is so much happening in the coaching space. For OACT members interested in rewarding themselves, why not join consider developing some coaching skills. Please contact the office for more details.