*Instructions below are as of the 2020/2021 Twilight competition and are susceptible to changes.

By Jesse Piiroinen

A. Equipment that is your responsibility to bring to each event

  • The metro/twilight plastic tub that includes the hired SI stick boxes, defibrillator, and the box that contains the start, finish, clear and check units.
  • The master computer stored in the large wooden box. (Needs charging each week). Charger located in the box.
  • Battery pack for the computer. (Needs charging each week). This is charged by flicking on the charge switch and plugging it into an outlet. A red light will appear once charging starts and it will turn green once fully charged.
  • Telstra dongle. Normally stored in the wooden box with the laptop. (Needs charging each week). Does not come with the charging cable. Uses type c cable.
  • Small computer table.

Items that were not used in (2020/2021) but will be your responsibility if needed for the event (You will be told if these items are required):

  • Printer box
  • Slave computer (Spare laptop)
  • Eftpos machine (Needs charging each week).

B. Setting up the competition (From home)

You will need to bring the event file. The event file will usually be emailed to you on the night before the event and it will be a small xml file that will contain all the information for the event. (Competitors, classes, courses etc). The easiest way for me was to save the xml file on a usb and bringing that with me to the event and importing the file there. Saves you having to boot up the laptop at home and import it then having to shut it down.

Make sure before each event that all required items above are brought to the event and charged if needed.

C. Setting up the competition (At the event)

Once all the equipment is unloaded you can start setting up the computer. Once you have opened the wooden box and started the computer you need to plug the mini reader into one of the laptops usb ports. You also need to flick the battery to on mode and plug it into the laptop to start charging the laptop. Another task is to turn on the telstra dongle by holding down the power which will automatically connect to the laptop once booted up.

MEOS Setup

  • Once the computer has been booted up you can now import the competition file. This is done by plugging your usb into the computer, copying the event xml file in the documents folder and into the Meos data folder.
  • Once this is done you can open the Meos application. Once loaded, you click the import competition option and your file explorer will appear. Locate the event file you just copied into meos data folder.
  • Once selected, the competition will load. You can check that classes and courses are correct by going into the classes and courses tab and checking the details.
  • To setup the mini reader, go into the sportident tab and click automatic start and search. This will connect meos to the com 3 mini reader.

Live Results Setup

Once the above steps have been done you can now setup the online results:

  • Open Microsoft edge and go to the link https://liveresultat.orientering.se/adm/createComp.php
  • Enter the competitions name eg. ACT Twilight 9 Cooleman Ridge
  • Enter the organiser eg. Orienteering ACT
  • Enter the date and press the create.
  • Once loaded a long list of events will appear, find the event you just created and press the edit option. (Easiest way to find it is looking for the date).
  • Once the next page loads turn on the public button option and click save.
  • Leave this window open and open a new Microsoft edge tab.
  • Go to the webpage: https://melin.nu/meos/en/login.php
  • Click the login option and enter the username with: *********** and the password with: ***********
  • Once at the new page enter the name of the event eg. ACT Twilight 12 Mount Taylor
  • Enter the competition id. This comes from the liveresult webpage you opened earlier, and it will be at the top eg. 18704
  • Enter a password for the event. This can be anything. I usually just type in Jesse and press create.
  • Now go back into Meos, click the services tab at the top of the screen and click results on-line
  • Change the interval time to 30 seconds.
  • Turn on the send to the web option and leave the URL.
  • Enter the competition id and password you entered in earlier.
  • Once this is done you can press the start the service option.

D. What to do during the event

Changing Participant Details

The main task you will be doing is correcting the details of the competitors. People change courses without changing it in eventor or telling the computer operator quite frequently so this will be the main thing you will be changing.

To change competitors details you will need to go to the competition tab at the top and click on form mode.

On the left is a list of all the pre entered competitors as well as the competitors you have/will enter in (Enter on the day competitors).

Here you can click on the name of the person you need to change the details of, and you will be presented with all the details of that individual. When changing courses of a competitor make sure you change the class option and not the course option and click save. (Changing the class of the competitor will automatically change the course).

Enter on the Day

When there is a enter on the day, they will hand you a card where you have to click the new competitor option and manually enter the details of the competitor. The main details that are needed to be entered is the name, class and si number. If they are a team, just enter the first competitor on the card and change the class to team eg. Easy team

SI Downloads

When competitors start finishing there will be a pop up on the bottom right of the runner’s name and time to which you can read out to them. If the runner does not have a stick registered in the event an alert will appear outputting no time and saying more actions needed. Make sure to click this and enter the details of the runner. Once the details are entered a time will appear to which you can read out.

A more user-friendly view of the results is pressing the competitors option and clicking report mode. Then press the show last read out competitor.

Finding Unfinished Participants

Towards the end of the event after the starting time we need to see who is still running to make sure everyone is back.

This is done with by getting someone to collect the start unit.

Then once we have the start unit you can open up the white and black bag in the wooden box and taking out a strange looking metal stick with tape on it. This stick is used to connect a unit to a reader so we can look through the information of that unit.

Now we need to plug in the red finish download reader into one of the usb slots on the laptop. Found in the wooden box.

Then open the app called sportidentconfig+ located in the desktop.

  • Once this app has loaded click the com 6 device on the top left and click the backup option.
  • Once this loads a list of the will appear of the data stored in the unit.
  • Once this loads all sticks that started will appear.
  • Click export, then current view on the dropdown.
  • Export this at a file location you can easily find.
  • Go back into Meos and go to competitors in forest.
  • Click import punches and find the file you just saved.
  • At the bottom change the unit type to start and click save.
  • Then click set status <DNS>

This will display all runners that are currently still out. Competitors that used the wrong stick that they are registered to will show up in this list so you may have to fix the errors.

End of Event

Once everyone has finished you can save a copy of the event. This is done by clicking on the competition tab and clicking the save to file option. Here a file explorer will appear, and you can save the backup on a usb stick. Then once you are home you can email this file off to Bob or Bill.

This document does don’t cover everything that may occur at an event, but it does cover the basics of the operations needed to run an event.

If you have any trouble/questions with anything the people to grab at orienteering ACT that have experience with meos are Jesse Piiroinen, Bill Jones, Bob Mouatt and Tate Needham.