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ACT Classic Series: ACT League #7, Picaree Hill

3 September 2023
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Pre entry closed
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Pre-entry only. Entries have been extended to close at 1pm Thursday 31 August. Late entries (+$5) are available until 5pm Saturday 2 September.

No entry on the day.

COURSES (length, climb):

Hard 1 (9.3km, 250m), Hard 2 (7.2km, 180m), Hard 3 (6.2km, 130m), Hard 4 (4.2km, 110m), Hard 5 (3.1km, 60m), Moderate 1 (3.2km, 60m), Moderate 2 (2.6km, 60m), Easy (1.9km, 30m), Very Easy (1.6km, 30m).

Hard 1 and Hard 2 will use 1:15,000 scale maps, all other courses will have a 1:10,000 scale.



Mapped tracks are generally quite clear. Hard 1 & 2 courses please note some sections of track in the southern part of the map are less clear.


The start is located at a gate. Please leave the gate how you find it.

All courses have at least one fence crossing. All fences are plain wire so please go through them not over. Where a crossing point is marked, please use it.


Like everywhere else growth has been strong the last few years. In most parts visibility remains average for forest events. In some gullies and on southern slopes growth is stronger so visibility is less.


The Easy and Very Easy courses have 2 taped legs including from the last control to the finish. Please follow the tapes.


There will be no water on courses. There will be water at the finish only.

Safety Bearing

Safety bearing is north to Dicks Creek Road or the lane east of the assembly.


Between 10:00 and 12:00. Queuing starts.


Courses close at 14:00 (2:00pm). You must report to the finish by 14:00, whether you have finished your course or not.


Follow the Barton Highway out of Canberra (roadworks) to Nanima Road (right turn, 4.5 km from ACT/NSW border). Follow Nanima Road for 14km to Murrumbateman Road T-junction and turn right. Drive about 800m to Dicks Creek Road (left turn) follow for 4.7km. Watch for O-signs to turn right to parking on a sharp right hand bend on Dicks Creek Road. Take care when entering and leaving the parking area on Dicks Creek Road, the turn off is on a bend in the road, look out for oncoming traffic.

Driving time from the ACT border (Hall) is about 20 minutes.

Parking space is limited so please car pool if possible.

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Event Contact Information

(02) 6182 1815
Course planner
Ross Stewart
Event director
Chris Andersen
Contact person
Paul de Jongh


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