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ACT Classic Series: Jim Sawkins Memorial Handicap, ACT League #2, Glendale

4 June 2023
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Pre entry closed
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Red Roos
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Pre-entry only. Entries have been extended to close at 12:30pm Thursday 1 June.

No late entries or entry on the day.

COURSES (length, climb):

Hard 1 (9.1km, 205m), Hard 2 (6.8km, 130m), Hard 3 (5.0km, 85m), Hard 4 (3.0km, 85m), Hard 5 (2.4km, 65m), Moderate (2.9km), Easy (2.5km), Very Easy (2.5km)


Please be very careful on the drive into the parking from the gate to the depot – the easy and very easy courses/kids will be finishing their course along this track, so drive very slowly and keep an eye out and/or get there early. Runners please try to stay on the left/edge.

It’s a beautiful spot with heaps of kangaroos, fast open forest with typical Namadgi rock. The vegetation markings on the map are now at least 6 years old so some of the boundaries are less clear.

There has been much work done around the depot - new tracks, buildings and piles of rubbish and materials. This is all marked out of bounds on the map and you shouldn’t need to go near it. Stay out.

Courses Hard 1 and Hard 2 have a map flip.


10am - 12pm

Start is 150m from assembly/finish. Assembly/finish is 100m-500m from parking.


Courses close at 14:00 (2:00pm). You must report to the finish by 14:00, whether you have finished your course or not.


From Canberra drive to Glendale Picnic Area on Boboyan Rd, in Namadgi NP Park. About 700m after the picnic area, turn left into Brandy Flat Road. Drive past the parking area and through the gate (WATCH OUT FOR RUNNERS ON THE ROAD) and park to the right of the road around the depot buildings. If there is not space left around the buildings, park on the right side of the road back down towards the gate.

Assembly/finish is 100m-500m from parking.

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(02) 6182 1815
Course planner
Mace Neve
Event director
Mace Neve
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Paul de Jongh


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