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ACT Classic Series: Jim Sawkins Memorial Handicap, ACT League #13, Honeysuckle Creek

13 November 2022
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Red Roos
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Event Notes


When entering an OACT event please comply with the current ACT COVID-19 health advice and the OACT COVID-19 Policy:

Refunds of entry fees will be considered for anyone who is unable to attend the event due to Covid-19 restrictions or illness.


Pre-entry only. Entries have been extended to close at 11:00am Thursday 10 November. No late entries and no Enter on the Day.


From Tharwa, drive south on Boboyan Road. 10km south of Tharwa, turn right onto Apollo Road and follow to Honeysuckle Creek camping area (9km). Park as directed, do not park in public car parks. Approximately 50 km from central Canberra, allow 45-50 minutes.


Please do not park in the public car park, and instead follow the marshals' directions. The car park will be open from 9am. After parking, follow the tapes South West about 100m to the assembly area.


Hard 1 (7.1km), Hard 2 (5.8km), Hard 3 (4.6km), Hard 4 (3.1km), Moderate (2.9km), Easy (1.8km), Very Easy (1.2km).

Hard 1 and Hard 2 have butterfly loops - competitors will be doing these loops in different orders.

The courses have been set in a relatively small section of the map to minimise the amount of running through regrowth. Much of the area is good running and good visibility. The runnability has not been remapped since the fires & regrowth, so don't rely on the vegetation for navigation - the boulders are all still in the right spot and all contours have been checked 🙂 Most termite mounds on the map are still correct Map scale is 1:7500


Hard 1 & 2: Map flip and map exchange Hard 3: Map exchange NOTE: Please make sure you pick up the correct map for your course, as the map exchanges are all at the same control.


Mass start for all Moderate and Hard courses is at 10:30am

Start window for Easy and Very Easy courses are between 9:30am - 10am, with an optional mass start at 9:40am. There is a very indistinct track that both these courses use which will be taped, but the bush is thick - it might be advisable for parents to shadow their kids on these courses.


Easy and Very Easy: 30m directly north from the assembly area, along the fire trail.

Moderate and Hard: at the assembly area.


Head towards the major fire trail that runs roughly North-South through the middle of the map, and then North to camping area.


Slippery rocks & logs - please be careful.


No water will be provided on the courses or at the finish. There will be a small table adjacent to the assembly area where competitors may place a water bottle. Hard 1 and Hard 2 will pass through this area about 2/3rds of the way through their course, and Hard 3 will pass through about half way.


There are toilets adjacent to the camping area


Courses close at 1:00pm. You MUST report to the finish by 1:00pm, whether you have finished your course or not.

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02 6182 1815
Course planner
Andrew Slattery
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Paul de Jongh
Event director
Stephen Goggs
Course controller
Tate Needham


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