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ACT MTBO Series #2: Bruce Ridge

23 May 2021
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Anyone entering an OACT event MUST comply with the current Covid-19 health advice in both their home state and the ACT, as at 24 hours prior to the event. Note that while travelling, it is your responsibility to maintain physical distancing and practice good hygiene. See also the OACT Covid-19 Return to Play Plan here:

Refunds of entry fees will be considered for anyone who is unable to attend the event due to Covid-19 restrictions. Information on travel to and from the ACT can be found here:

Terms and conditions
I have read and will abide by the rules set out in the OACT Return to Play Plan: --- I have read and understood the OACT Risk Statement: The course setter notes: The Bruce Ridge MTBO park consists of two areas with an additional section near the hospital. The Gungahlin Extension highway splits the hospital section to the park, although there are three underpass crossing points to navigate through. Crossing the highway along the road is dangerous and prohibited. The MTBO Park provides plenty of single tracks and fire trails, which offers optimal route choices. Ninety percent of the single tracks are green, with some providing gradual climbs to the water towers. There will be four courses available; The novice course provides a short easy navigating ride combining the single tracks and fire trails. The short course offers plenty of navigating choices on the green trails. The middle course extends the navigation to both areas, and the long courses use all three areas. All the tracks are existing and easy to follow. Most of the control points are attached to the trees reasonably close to the trails. If you are using a SIAC, then riding within two metres should trigger the units allowing for seamless riding.
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Event Contact Information

0412 308 310
Event director
Marina Iskhakova
Course planner
Andrew Cheffers
Contact person
Marina Iskhakova
Event controller
Fedor Iskhakov


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