Event 3 - Oceania/Australian Relay

30 September 2019

Location: Lismore Road, Cootamundra
approx. 20km south of Cootamundra; 90km north of Wagga Wagga

Map: Winona, 1:15 000, 5m contours

Terrain: A great granite area. A long, steep escarpment with significant cliffs and huge boulders on one side with gentle watercourses the other side. The higher part of the escarpment has runnable woodland and serious technical granite. The watercourses have scattered trees and some big areas of bare rock. Runnability varies from very fast in the open areas to slow/medium in granite detail.

Travel directions and parking

As for day 2

Registration and start

Registration: will be open from 9.00 am

Note: The Oceania event is a WRE for MW21E but not MW20E – IOF athlete IDs must be provided as a ‘service’ on Eventor at the time of entering.

Enter on the day: There will be NO enter on the day courses available.

First starts: 10.00 am

Course information

Course format: Relay

Courses: Courses are being structured to achieve relay winning times based on 120 minutes for all 3 runners.


In accordance with Orienteering Australia rules for Oceania and Australian Championships events the following classes will be offered for teams of 3 at the Relay Championships:

Elite classes – Oceania Championships only

  • Oceania Elite classes: MW21E, MW20E, MW18, MW16
    Note: Australian National Relay Championships Elite classes MW21E, MW20E will be contested at a separate event during the year (Hill End, NSW – 30 March 2019)

Other classes – Oceania and Australian Championships

  • A classes for State teams: MW35, MW45, MW55, MW65+
  • A Short (AS) classes for State teams: MW21
  • MW14 (Moderate degree of difficulty) MW12 (combined; Easy degree of difficulty)
  • Mixed Age Relay: For any competitors, comprising legs of differing length and difficulty equivalent to easy, moderate and hard (e.g. M/W12A, M16A and M55).

Official entries in the Australian Relay Championships may only be made by an Orienteering Australia State Association, Orienteering New Zealand or another IOF affiliated organisation. All members of an official team in the Australian Relay Championships must be fully registered members of the same State Association, Orienteering New Zealand or another IOF affiliated organisation.