Event 1 - Oceania Sprint Distance Championships & UniSport Nationals Orienteering Championships

28 September 2019

Location: 10km north of Wagga Wagga

Map: Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga 1:4 000, 2m contours

Terrain: Typical university campus with some multi-level buildings, mapped to the primary running level. In addition, a steep and rocky hillside may provide a bush sprint experience on many courses.

Travel directions and parking

From central Wagga Wagga travel west along the Sturt Highway (Edward St), turn right onto the Olympic Way (Moorong St) and follow north across the Murrumbidgee River. About 1.7km after crossing the river, veer left onto Boorooma Street (signposted to Estella and University).  At the 3rd roundabout turn left
(O signs) onto Darnell-Smith Drive and follow signs to parking.

Registration and start

Registration: will be open from 12.00 pm. EOD registration closure time TBC.

Note: all M20E, M21E, W20E and W21E entrants must comply with the entry instructions for World Ranking Events – IOF athlete IDs must be provided as a ‘service’ on Eventor at the time of entering. 

Course & class information

Course format: Sprint

Courses: Courses are being structured to achieve winning sprint distance times of 12-15 minutes.

1M21E, M20, M18
2M35, M21A
4W21E, W20, W18, M45, M16
5M50, W35, W21A
6M55, W40
7W45, W16
8M60, W50
9M65, W55
10M70, W60
11M75, W65
12M80, W70
13M85, M90, M95, W75, W80, W85
14M14, W14, M Open
15M12, W12, W Open
16M10, W10

Oceania eligibility: competitors must confirm that they are a citizen of either Australia or NZ to be eligible for official Oceania championships. 

If entry numbers exceed 90 on any non-elite class, classes may be split into parallel classes in accordance with the OA Foot Orienteering rules.

UniSport Nationals Orienteering Championships

UniSport Nationals Orienteering Championships will be conducted in the M/W20E and M/W21E classes. It’s open to all students enrolled in a UniSport Australia member university in 2019 who enter in those age and class categories. For a university to be eligible to win a UniSport Nationals pennant, they must enter a minimum of two individuals in the competition (per gender). For more information on team point score calculations, please see the UniSport Orienteering competition guideline.

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