ACT Championships

ACT Sprint Championships

ACT Middle Distance Championships

ACT Long Distance Championships

Other ACT Major Events

Jim Sawkins Classic Memorial Event

Sprint Canberra (biennial) – January Long Weekend


Australian Championships (Late September)

2022 – Vic
2023 – WA
2024 – NSW

Australian 3-Days (Easter)

2022 – Qld
2023 – ACT
2024 – SA

Christmas 5-Days (27-31 Dec)

2022 – TBA, NSW

Australian Ultra Long Championships

Queens Birthday 3 Days

2022 – Wagga Wagga, NSW


2019 – ACT/NSW/Vic
2023 – Tasmania

Guide to National & Overseas Events

If you are going to your first Major Event or if you’re travelling overseas to do some orienteering, we have a guide with some tips:
Guide to Overseas and Major Events