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Are you ready for Lunchtime Orienteering?

Starting on Wednesday the 29th of May at 12pm, is the first of 17 orienteering events planned for this winter. It’s a low key event with basic result scoring and copying your own map from the master. Depending on the setter, the courses could be line, scoring (StreetO) and/or map memory orienteering. Either way it’s to promote a fun and non-competitive activity. So, if time permits, let hope to see you at our lunch time event. The following is an AI funny story about little Johnny orienteering at Cooleman Ridge.

One sunny Wednesday afternoon, little Johnny went orienteering at Cooleman Ridge. The organiser handed him the map and compass, and he started off to find the checkpoints. Johnny, eager to show off his navigation skills, charged ahead to make good time.
After a few minutes, Johnny realised he was hopelessly lost. He looked at his map, then at his compass, then back at his map. Nothing made sense. Determined not to give up, he kept running, convinced he would find the next control any second.
Suddenly, he stumbled upon a another competitor who looked equally confused. She was holding her map, trying to figure out her barings. Johnny confidently approached her, map in hand.
“Are you lost, too?” she asked Johnny.
Johnny puffed out his chest and replied, “Nope, I’m an expert orienteer. Follow me!”
The girl, desperate for some guidance, followed Johnny through the bushes, over rocks, and around trees. After what felt like an eternity, they emerged… right back at the starting point, where the finishing control was located.
The organiser looked at Johnny and the other competitor, then at Johnny again. “How did you go, Johnny?”
Johnny grinned sheepishly and said, “Well, I might have taken the scenic route, but at least we made it back in one piece!”
The organiser burst out laughing, and even the girl couldn’t help but a chuckle. From that day on, little Johnny was known as an “Orienteering Expert”, and he never lived down his legendary adventure at Cooleman Ridge.

If you would like to try course planning on a small scale, i.e. not upsetting too many competitors if you make a mistake. Then sign up here.