You are currently viewing All Beginners Welcome to MTBO Series #2, 26 May at Cooleman Ridge!

All Beginners Welcome to MTBO Series #2, 26 May at Cooleman Ridge!

Dear Orienteers and MTBOers!

Welcome to ACT MTBO Series #2 at Cooleman Ridge and welcome for Come & Try MTBO!
Experienced coaches will assist you and equip you with core MTBO skills. Map Boards and SI-Air will be available for hire on a day at the Rego tent. Canberra MTBO Legend – Seb Dunne is a Course Setter.

The course will take riders over loose gravel, soft sand, ragged rocks, prickly blackberries and eroded ruts. Along the way they might encounter bounding kangaroos, spikey echidnas, dog-walkers, random runners, commuter cyclists and perhaps horses, which of course, they should give way too.

MTBO Event will be kids, beginners and family-friendly, so 4 courses from the Novice to Elite level will be offered.

Start Times: anytime between 10:00am and 11:00am, Course closure: 1:00pm
Map: Cooleman Ridge (start from the corner of Kathner St, Chapman)
Course Setter: Seb Dunne
Event organisers: Marina and Fedor Iskhakov, Red Roos
Assembly Area: parking at the end of the Kathner St, Chapman
Classes: Long (M/F), Middle (M/F), Short (M/F), Novice (M/F) and eBike

Expected lengths/winning times
LONG ~ 12.0 – 15.0 km 60 min
MIDDLE ~ 7.0 – 10.0 km 45 min
SHORT ~ 4 – 6 km 30 min
NOVICE ~ 1.5 -2 km 25 min

Entry fee: $15 Adult Member / $30 Adult Non-Members, $7 Junior Member / $15 Junior Non-Member (under 21)
Map Board an SI Air are available for hire: $5 each

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For further information or assistance please contact:
or mob: 0412 308 310

We will be thrilled to see you on Sunday 26th May:)! OACT MTBO Team🚴🔥