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Sprint Map Out of Bounds Areas

Urban and park sprint maps include numerous uncrossable and out of bounds areas, this is a reminder that it is strictly forbidden to enter or cross these areas. These areas are often denoted by olive green sections (garden beds or private property), thick black lines (uncrossable walls and fences), or purple lines/hatching (temporary out of bounds and forbidden routes).

Crossing these areas is strictly against the rules of the orienteering, and can result in disqualification. It is forbidden to enter these areas, jump over them, or lean over them to reach a control, even if you are physically able to do so. 

Violating impassable areas is not only unfair to other competitors, it can also lead to significant safety risks, and may jeopardise our ability to conduct future events at many locations where areas have been made out of bounds at the request of the landholder.

For example, it is forbidden to:

  • Jump over an olive green garden bed, even if you do not touch the ground.
  • Run through an unlocked or open gate if it is mapped without an opening as part of an uncrossable fence.
  • Reach over a low wall to punch a control if it is mapped with a thick black line.
  • Run along a path through purple hatched area, even if you have been allowed to do so at previous events held at the same area.
  • Run through a narrow gap in a dark green hedge.

If you accidentally enter an out of bounds area, return back the way you came. Lastly, please use common sense and avoid dangerous or obviously private areas, regardless of how the map is drawn.

A guide to uncrossable map symbols is available here.