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Bushflyers News Update, September 2023

Last Sunday Bushflyers presented the last AL event for the winter calendar.

Thank you very much to the course-setter, Ross Stewart, and to Chris Andersen, the organiser, and his group of volunteers, for presenting such a great event, in such beautiful weather too! As always, all of you who helped with some aspect of the day were critical to the success of the event. Your volunteering is essential, and much appreciated. Thank you all.

For many members of the club, there will now be a break from regular weekend orienteering activities for a few weeks. A few of us, including six of our juniors, are looking forward to travelling to WA for the National Orienteering Championships including ASOC, in a little over three weeks’ time. We wish all competitors and supporting family members the very best of competition. Enjoy all of the new terrain and orienteering experiences, as well as the opportunities to catch up with old friends and make new ones. The Bushflyers banner will not physically be there, but you can be assured that we shall no doubt find other club members at the events, and support you all!

It is now timely to remind you that the Twilight season begins on Wednesday 25th October, at Oakey Hill. This is a Bushflyers event, and is followed four weeks later on 15th November with our second event, Twilight #4 at Gossan Hill.

OACT has the expectation that courses for all events should be finalised (or at least be well into the planning phase) six weeks prior to an event, to enable the appropriate permissions and land access to be gained in a timely manner. This means that we now need to identify planners and organisers for at least these two events as soon as possible.

Jo Hobson, our Bushflyers roster coordinator, will be sending out requests for personnel to set courses and organise Twilight events very soon, I am sure. However, you do not need to wait for the request. If you would like to do some course-setting and/or organising for either of these two events or for any other Twilight events (Bushflyers is presenting five over the season), please contact Jo as soon as possible (her contact is included above), and let her know. I think that Matt Stocks has already offered to set the courses for the Oakey Hill event (only 7 weeks away!), but there are plenty of other opportunities for setting and organising available. You are especially welcome to take on one of these roles as a novice! Please be assured that there are many experienced Bushflyers to support and assist you as you develop your skills.

We look forward to all of your offers of assistance for the coming Twilight events. Thank you all!

Safe travelling for those on the move, within Australia and abroad. Keep well and fit to all of us.

Valerie Barker (Club Convenor)

6251 5459 / 0410 151 554

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