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Blue Lightning Super Sprints – This Saturday

The Blue Lightning junior development squad will be organising and hosting a special event at Haig Park on this Saturday 2 September. It will be a series of three short, sharp sprints followed by a sprint final. Come along – it will be a lot of fun. The event will raise funds for juniors heading over to WA for the Australian Schools Orienteering Championships.

Further information is available here
Enter here by 1 September.

Blue Lightning:

  • Organised by the Blue Lightning junior development squad.
  • Pre-enter on Eventor – This event is not part of the Metro series.
  • All funds raised will support juniors participating at Australian Schools Orienteering Championships in WA.
  • Open to all-comers. Start times from 10:30 am – 12:00 pm (courses close at 12:15). Sprint final from 12:30pm.


  • There will be three short courses as qualifiers for a sprint final.
  • Simplified course – The map has been replaced with simplified hand-drawn features to find each control.
  • Line course – Follow the line and find all 5 controls along the way.
  • Scatter course – Go to all controls in any order in the shortest time.
  • Sprint final: Mass starts from 12:30pm. There will be a briefing beforehand. First across the line wins.
  • Accumulated time for all three events determines your mass start group for the Sprint final.


  • Remember to Download after each event and clear and check before each event.
  • There will be separate download computers for each event.
  • A mispunch will incur a time penalty (1 minute per control).
  • Run the simplified, line, and scatter course in any order you like. Allow time to finish all three courses by 12:15pm
  • The main canals may be crossed at any point but please take care.