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Positions to be Filled for Upcoming Programs

Expressions of interest are sought from anyone interested in assisting with the following roles:

  • Map Mates Coordinator
  • Newcomers Welcome Person (paid position)
  • Midweek Series Coordinator
  • Coach in Residence Coordinator

See below for details on each role.

For all of the roles, please email expressions of interest or any questions to the Orienteering ACT office ().

Map Mates Coordinator

Map Mates is a fun and popular program held prior to the regular ACT Metro series (in Winter) and Runners Shop Twilight series (in Summer). It is aimed at children aged 6-13. The goal with the program is to introduce beginners to orienteering in a fun way and to teach them the basic navigational skills. After the program each week, the children are encouraged to go around an easy or very easy course in pairs or groups.

We are looking for someone to hold these 20 minute sessions, for 4-5 weeks during the upcoming ACT Metro Series. There is already a program layout available that can be used for the entire program, so the preparation time should be short.

Newcomers Welcome Person (paid position)

A Newcomers Welcome Person is sought for the Saturday ACT Metro Series Junior League starting on Saturday 29th of April. Orienteering can be a daunting sport for newcomers. The purpose of this role is to welcome newcomers to our sport and to be a familiar face from week to week to assist newcomers as they learn our sport. A mark of success will be to see newcomers returning for event after event.

This is a paid position and would suit a friendly outgoing person who can attend most (but not necessarily all) of the Metro Series events. The role is suited to someone who has had least 12 months orienteering experience and who is willing to provide introductory guidance and encouragement to newcomers. You will have the opportunity to take part in all the events if you wish. There is a small amount of equipment to be taken and set up for each event: a table, banner, poster and promotion material. The Newcomers Welcome Person would be asked to provide regular updates to the OACT Board.

If multiple suitable nominations are received, OACT may select more than one person for the role, enabling one person to remain at the Assembly Area while a second person accompanies Newcomers to the Start and shadows them for the first controls.

Midweek Series Coordinator

Orienteering ACT is calling for volunteers to take on the roles involved with coordinating the 2023 Midweek Series, held at midday on Wednesdays throughout Winter. This series runs from May to September, with actual dates determined by the coordinator based on availability of organisers for each event. The roles involved are:

  • Find organisers for each event.
  • keep a check on consumables, such as punch cards and timing sheets.
  • Keep a check on the equipment. This was mostly straight forward with no electronic equipment.
  • Entry via Eventor is preferred, however some EODs are accepted.
  • Do the results.
  • The series co-ordinator is not required to set the event locations, (that is done by the event organisers). The event organisers are also responsible for course setting and arranging printing and collection of maps.

Coach in Residence Coordinator

Before the covid pandemic we had Coaches in Residence on a yearly basis in Orienteering ACT. Previous coaches provided us with training opportunities to further develop our orienteering skills, e,g, through coaching, shared their experiences and knowledge, delivered our orienteering program to schools and provided their specially designed training maps at the Twilight series for anyone to explore. Now it is time to again invite new coaches to experience Australia and to help us continue developing our sport and us as orienteers. To be able to do this, we need a Coach in Residence Coordinator. This role includes coordinating the living arrangements for the coach/coaches during their stay, i.e. to set a plan for the families that want to host a coach or two (There are usually enough people willing to host the coaches, so it is mostly to decide who and when) as well as being a contact person and introducing them to OACT as such (Who is who?, where is the office and so on) to make them feel welcome. As a Coordinator you can choose to be a host, but there is no expectation for that.

There is information from previous coaches with tips to future coaches, so the main task for the Coordinator would be the coordination of housing, introduction and being the contact person.