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Board Shorts 241 – January 2023

At the January meeting of the OACT Board the President reported on the year ahead, noting in particular:

  • We appear to have serious emerging issues with: access to Canberra Nature Park; finding course planners, controllers and organisers especially for AL events. Phil has been in touch with some members who are on the cusp of becoming accredited as controllers. We need to consider ways to inspire and encourage newer and younger members to become involved in a range of the issues associated with running events. Susanne has had a favourable experience engaging young members of the association to set courses for the coming Sprint Series.
  • All SCORE schools are now locked in for the season commencing in early March.
  • There is a continuing need for formal identification of a mapping coordinator.
  • It would be desirable to obtain the services of a coach-in-residence again.

The Executive Officer report:

  • Memberships are up to 268 so far for this year, but more are encouraged. Season passes are still well subscribed.
  • Club tithes have recently been paid on the basis of $150 per event, but there is no effective distinction for events that are also NOL, NSW State League or Championship events. The Board agreed that for 2023 for AL events that are also NOL, NSW SL or Championship events OACT will pay clubs $250.
  • Glendale event has been rescheduled to Tuggeranong Hill (subject to approvals); For the twilight event planned for Commonwealth Park (15 March) we have been advised we need to seek approvals from all other commercial users of the park; No club has come forward to organise the AL events at Wee Jasper in May. Phil will convene a meeting of the events sub-committee.
  • The ACT Sport & Rec annual recurrent funding grant has been extended for a further year. Other grant types open for application include for community sports facilities and club enhancement grants (for activities for which clubs are not supported by their State association).
  • OA issues: OA AGM to be held by Zoom in the week before Easter; OA website development is on hold pending finalisation of brand management arrangements; the Board considered nominations for OA and OACT Awards.

The Treasurer reported:

  • Quick books usage has been progressing well. Profit and loss statement to be provided for next meeting.
  • Banking issues – see below. The Board agreed to change the signatories on the association’s accounts to include the new president, executive officer and one other board member (plus the treasurer). Nominated officers will go to the bank to arrange authorisation.
  • Further consideration to be given to other investment options after the Easter carnival.

Easter 2023 Update – Stephen reported that the organising committee met last week with the IOF Senior Event Adviser (Blair Trewin). All is progressing well, especially now that all necessary permissions have been secured for the Prologue. Maps are all but finalised and courses well advanced. Test printing is in train and toilets, catering and signage etc are being finalised.

Other business included an ACT Parks update – The Canberra Nature Park Management Plan has been released adding an unexpected additional best practice principle requiring organisers to ‘avoid zone 1 core conservation areas’ which appear to cover a large proportion of traditional orienteering venues [see critical components below]. Phil and Stephen to seek a further meeting with ACT Parks as a matter of urgency.

The Board noted the AGM is required to be held before the end of April. The Board agreed the meeting should be held on Thursday 27 April. Notice 14 days before for audited accounts and annual report.

Next meeting 27 Mar 2023