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Grant Bluett Wins Another ACT League Race

Pictured (L to R): Grant Bluett, Grace Crane, Jo Allison

Grant Bluett recorded his third win in the 2022 ACT League with an outstanding run in event 11 at Tidbinbilla on Sunday. He recorded 42 min 08 sec for his 5.5 km course, which after his handicap factor was applied, resulted in a kilometre rate of 6 min 26.09 sec. In yet another good run for 2022, Grace Crane was next best with a km rate of 6 min 33.86 sec and five times winner, in one of her now cameo appearances, Jo Allison, had the third fastest km rate of 6 min 57.15 sec.

The full results by class are here, the results and splits by course are here and the maps and photos are on Facebook.

The top ten competitors on corrected time were

Competitor Handicap  Corrected times
Grant Bluett 0.8400 6 min 26.09 sec
Grace Crane 0.7600 6 min 33.86 sec
Jo Allison 0.7040 6 min 57.15 sec
Justine Hobson 0.7280 7 min 03.30 sec
Ben Rattray 0.8900 7 min 09.56 sec
Matthew Crane 0.9300 7 min 18.08 sec
Andrew Barnett 0.7280 7 min 21.05 sec
David Stocks 0.7040 7 min 25.04 sec
Shannon Jones 0.7280 7 min 35.96 sec
Matt Doyle 1.000 7 min 47.02 sec

The top five best six points after event 11 are

  • 824 Grant Bluett AO A
  • 814 Grace Crane AO A
  • 799 Martin Dent RR A
  • 790 Eoin Rothery RR A
  • 785 Matthew Crane AO A

The full standings are here. The Red Roos are hoping to replace its two deferred events with the following events: