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Shannon Jones Scored Max Points at the AIS

Pictured (L to R): Shannon Jones, Martin Dent, Eoin Rothery

Shannon Jones scored the maximum points in ACT League 7, the ACT Sprint Distance Champs with a corrected handicap km rate of 4 minutes 33.44 seconds, but her win does little to improve her standing as she did not score any points in the first four races. 

The top five competitors on corrected time were

Competitor Handicap  Corrected times
Shannon Jones 0.7280 4 min 33.44 sec
Martin Dent 0.9100 4 min 33.90 sec
Eoin Rothery 0.6760 4 min 52.61 sec
Geoff Lawford 0.6640 4 min 57.20 sec
Kathie Dent 0.7280 5 min 08.09 sec

The full results are here, the Winsplits are here, and the maps and photos are on Facebook.

Grant Bluett, in finishing seventh on corrected time, did not improve his standing, but Martin Dent replaced Grace Crane in second place, and Eoin Rothery and Geoff Lawford improved their total points,  leaving the top five best four scores as:

  • 549 Grant Bluett AO A
  • 543 Martin Dent RR A
  • 541 Grace Crane AO A
  • 533 Eoin Rothery RR A
  • 532 Geoff Lawford AO A

Shannon Jones not scoring in the first four races and Jenny Bourne missing two key races, as she was the course planner for those races, have affected their standings, but they could still challenge the current top five with the right results in the ACT Middle and Long Distance Championships on 20-21 August.  Martin Dent will drop out of contention as he will be absent for the remaining races.  The full standings are here.

The next race will be ACT League 8 at Castle Hill on 17 July. Entries close on 13 July.