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The 2022 OACT Board. L-R: Jane Barnett, Edith Gray, Stephen Goggs, Susanne Harrysson, Maurice Patten, Andrew Cheffers, David Stocks (absent: Tara Melhuish, Valerie Barker)

AGM Rings in the Changes and Honours Our Best

At the Association’s AGM held at the Canberra Southern Cross Club Jamison on 28 April there were several changes to the OACT Board:

  • Susanne Harrysson (Bushflyers) was elected as President following the completion of the three-year term of Phil Walker (Parawanga)
  • Andrew Cheffers (Weston Emus) was elected as Treasurer, following many years of service by outgoing treasurer Peter Miller (Bushflyers)
  • Maurice Patten (Red Roos) comes on to the Board following Tate Needham’s (Red Roos) decision to stand down
  • Continuing members of the Board are: Stephen Goggs (Secretary, Red Roos), Valerie Barker (Bushflyers), Edith Gray (Abominables), Tara Melhuish (Canberra Cockatoos), David Stocks (Canberra Cockatoos) and Jane Barnett (Bushflyers).

President’s Report

At the meeting the outgoing President highlighted the success of the Association in meeting the challenges posed by the bushfires and the pandemic over the last three years, including through innovations utilising SI Air and MapRun. He noted that we run an enormous number of events each year and remain in a healthy financial state, but will have work to do to develop our junior ranks and re-establish our good relations with schools over the coming year. Phil thanked Paul in the office and a core group of volunteers for their ‘heavy lifting’ across the business of the association. In that vein he noted that while new maps are always welcome for orienteering, we don’t have a ready pool of mappers on hand, particularly as our regular experienced mappers are advancing in years. The Executive Officer noted that the administrative burden on sporting associations is increasing and may well be something for which we should consider paying more in future.

Special Resolution – amendment to the constitution

As an integrity measure (for example to safeguard against money laundering and wagering) the meeting agreed unanimously a proposed amendment to the OACT constitution such that: “The funds of the Association must be derived from event entry fees, annual subscriptions of members, grants, sponsorship, donations, payment for goods and services and, subject to any resolution passed by the Association in general meeting and subject to s.114 of the Act, any other sources that the Board decides. As soon as practicable after receiving any funds, the Association must: (a) deposit the funds without deduction to the credit of a bank account of the Association, and (b) if a receipt is requested—issue an appropriate receipt. Subject to any resolution passed by the Association in general meeting, the funds of the Association must be used for the objects of the Association in the way that the Board decides. All cheques, drafts, bills of exchange, promissory notes and other negotiable instruments must be signed by any two members of the Board.”


At the meeting John Harding and Valerie Barker were inducted as Life Members of the Association and champion orienteer Jo Allison was presented with an award in recognition of her induction to the OA Hall of Fame. Citations for the awards are available here.