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ACT League Tied After Three Races

Pictured (L to R): Grant Bluett, David Stocks, Grace Crane

The 2021 ACT League ended with Grant Bluett and Matt Crane tied on 670 points, after the ACT Middle and Long Distance Championships were postponed for 12 months because of COVID-19 restrictions. The 2022 ACT League  began with three events, two associated with National League races over the weekend of 2-3 April (at The Gib and Birkenburn) and the third on 1 May at Boboyan Divide, and again Grant Bluett is involved in a tie for first.  The events on 2-3 April had 10 per cent loadings.

The results of the three events have been processed and the top five competitors on corrected times for each event are set out in the following tables.

The top five on corrected times at The Gib

Competitor Handicap  Corrected times
Darryl Erbacher 0.5080 8 min 41.02 sec
David Stocks 0.9400 8 min 54.09 sec
Robert Allison 0.5680 9 min 25.01 sec
Grant Bluett 0.8400 9 min 37.85 sec
Grace Crane 0.7600 9 min 43.15 sec

Darryl Erbacher’s win is probably his first, although he has been close a few times in the past.

The top five on corrected times at Birkenburn

Competitor Handicap  Corrected times
Grant Bluett 0.8400 6 min 26.93 sec
Jenny Bourne 0.5216 6 min 38.80 sec
David Stocks 0.9400 6 min 53.40 sec
Ryan Stocks 1.0000 7 min 08.12 sec
Geoff Lawford 0.6640 7 min 18.79 sec

The top five on corrected times at Boboyan Divide

Competitor Handicap  Corrected times
Jenny Bourne 0.5216 7 min 06.10 sec
Natalie Miller 0.7280 7 min 38.81 sec
Mark Gregson 0.9000 7 min 40.93 sec
Bruce Bowen 0.6280 8 min 05.95 sec
Eoin Rothery 0.6760 8 min 20.56 sec

The return of Jenny Bourne and Geoff Lawford will add extra interest to the Wehner Cup competition, as when they previously lived in Canberra, Jenny won the title six times (thus far, the most by any competitor) and Geoff three.  If Jenny’s performance in the first three events in 2022 is any guide, she could add to her total.

Photos (from the left) Darryl Erbacher, Jenny Bourne

The top five best five scores after nine events are:

  • 273 Grant Bluett AO-A, David Stocks BS-A
  • 266 Grace Crane AO-A
  • 264 Ryan Stocks BS-A
  • 262 Jenny Bourne AO-A

The full standings are here.

The next scheduled event is the Jim Sawkins Classic on Sunday 5 June, but it may be postponed.  If that happens, the next events will be the QBIII 3-Days based in and around Wagga Wagga over the weekend of 11-13 June.  Each event will have a 10 per cent loading, so the standings may be changed significantly by mid-June.