You are currently viewing 12 ACT Athletes Selected in OA High Performance Squads
Matt Crane, Grant Bluett and Jo Allison will be the leadership team for OA's high performance squads.

12 ACT Athletes Selected in OA High Performance Squads

Congratulations to the Orienteering ACT members named in the Orienteering Australia 2022 Senior National Team Squads.

The ACT continues to punch above its weight, with 12 of the 36 selected athletes, more than any other state, and with members across all four squads. In addition, Matthew Crane, Jo Allison and Grant Bluett will be the high performance squad leadership team.

More information on OA High Performance Squad structure is available here.

Congratulations to the following ACT athletes for their selection:

Grace CraneHigh PerformanceAO
Tara MelhuishHigh PerformancePO
Belinda LawfordHigh PerformanceAO
Matthew CraneHigh PerformanceAO
Matt DoyleHigh PerformanceAO
Andrew BarnettNational DevelopmentBS
Jarrah DayNational DevelopmentPO
Martin DentNational DevelopmentRR
Tomas KrajcaNational DevelopmentRR
Patrick MillerNational DevelopmentBS
Ryan StocksNational DevelopmentBS
Caitlin YoungNational DevelopmentBS