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Pre-Season Warmup Quiz

There are now less than four weeks until orienteering resumes, with the Street Series starting on Monday 1 November, and the Runners Shop Twilight Series commencing on Wednesday 3 November.

After a long break without formal events you may be feeling a bit rusty, so to help you get prepared for the upcoming season here is a quick quiz to help refresh your skills.

This map comes from the women’s sprint race at the recent Junior World Orienteering Championships (‘JWOC’), held in Kocaeli, Turkey, last month. You can view the original map and GPS tracking on the JWOC website. Unfortunately, no Australian athletes were able to attend.

This Week’s Task

Match each of the below map samples to the control site in the centre of the corresponding Google Street View image. You can click on each image to view it in a larger size. Solutions are included below.

Solutions: 1=M, 2=B, 3=F, 4=J, 5=L, 6=K, 7=G, 8=H, 9=I, 10=D, 11=E, 12=A, 13=C