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Matt Crane Wins Another ACT League Race

On Sunday Canberra Cockatoos captain Matt Crane won his second 2021 ACT League race on the steep and rocky hillsides of Isaacs Ridge. Crane clocked 72 min 10 sec for the 9.4 km Hard 1 course, just five seconds faster than Tomas Krajca, but after the age/gender factors were applied, Crane was the clear winner on the day with a corrected time 7 min 13 sec, 28 seconds faster than Krajca. Eoin Rothery, who ran the 7.6 km Hard 2 course was next best 5.7 seconds behind Krajca.

Of the 76 competitors who took on one of the five Hard courses only three broke an hour (Hard 4: Ross Stewart 48:22, Peter Miller 59:16, and Hard 5: Morten Pedersen 46:03) and many took longer than two hours.

The fastest competitors on the Hard courses were:

  • Men: Hard 1: Matthew Crane 72:10, Hard 2: Andrew Kerr 80:01, Hard 3: Toby Lang 63:42, Hard 4: Ross Stewart 48:22, Hard 5: Morten Pedersen 46:03.
  • Women: Hard 1: Grace Crane 101:04, Hard 2: Marina Iskhakova 84:57, Hard 3: Cath Chalmers 70:03, Hard 4: Ellen Johnson 65:15; Hard 5: Vicky Mansell 63:03.

The maps are here, the results are here and the Winsplits are here

The top six finishers on corrected time in the event were:

Competitor Handicap  Corrected times
Matthew Crane 0.9400 7 min 13.00 sec
Tomas Krajca 1.0000 7 min 41.17 sec
Eoin Rothery 0.6880 7 min 46.89 sec
Marina Iskhakova 0.7280 8 min 08.24 sec
Grace Crane 0.7680 8 min 15.44 sec
Cath Chalmers 0.6560 8 min 21.30 sec

As ACT League 7 did not have a 10 per cent loading its results did have not much impact on the standings.

ACT League 8 will be at Collector Hill NSW on 11 July.