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Eoin Rothery Conquers Mt Clear

Pictured from left, Eoin Rothery, David Stocks, Grace Crane
The return to Mt Clear, after a long absence from the area, was a tough challenge for most of the 110 competitors on the Hard and Moderate courses, with the fallen timber, and thick, tall grass and thistles, coupled with the steepness of some of the terrain, making through getting through the area very difficult. Finish times were quite long, and a number returned to the Finish with missing punches. However, there was a good spread of ages of both genders and courses among the top 10 competitors on corrected time, with no Hard course seemingly favoured. The full results are here, the Winsplits are here and the maps and photos are here.

Eoin Rothery was the best on the day with a corrected km rate of 7 min 25.16 sec, just on seven seconds faster than David Stocks who was 37 seconds clear of next best, Grace Crane. They were the only competitors to have corrected km rates under eight minutes.

The top ten on corrected time were:

Competitor Handicap  Corrected times
Eoin Rothery 0.6880 7 min 25.16 sec
David Stocks 0.9100 7 min 32.08 sec
Grace Crane 0.7680 7 min 59.17 sec
Natalie Miller 0.7040 8 min 08.40 sec
Valerie Barker 0.5024 8 min 17.20 sec
Matthew Crane 0.9400 8 min 21.53 sec
Bruce Bowen 0.6400 8 min 22.55 sec
Mark Gregson 0.9100 8 min 26.47 sec
Owen Radajewski 0.8200 8 min 30.83 sec
Liz Abbott 0.5680 8 min 45.81 sec

After event 3, the top five best two scores in the standings are:

  • Matt Doyle AO-A 260
  • Grace Crane AO-A 256
  • Matthew Crane AO-A 255
  • David Stocks BS-A 253
  • Eoin Rothery RR-A 248

The next event, ACT League 4, is scheduled for Saturday 15 May to be followed by ACT League 5 on Sunday 16 May. Entries are closed for these events.