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Maurice Ongania and Anne Sawkins

ACT Orienteers Celebrate 50 Years of Orienteering History

On Wednesday, 19 May, about 80 past and present orienteers took part in the 50th Anniversary celebrations of regular orienteering in the ACT. Those attending included ten past or current ACTOA/OACT Presidents, and several others who were prominent in the early history of ACT orienteering. 56 participants went on one of the ‘Flashback’ courses on Black Mountain Reserve, where the inaugural event was conducted on 16 May 1971. They enjoyed the experience of searching for red-and-white plastic bucket controls, using a black-and-white map oriented to true north (not magnetic north) and showing contours, vehicle tracks, some watercourses and not much else.

Participants also spent time studying the historical display, catching up with past orienteering friends whom they may not have seen for many years, and sampling one of the 50th Anniversary biscuits (Covid-safe instead of a cake), baked by Carol Harding.

The results of the courses are available here. Photographs of the occasion are available here.