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Nominations Called for 2021 ACT Schools Team

The OACT Board is calling for nominations from any interested ACT Juniors who are eligible for selection in the 2021 ACT ASOC team, to compete in the Australian Schools Orienteering Championships, held in conjunction with the Australian Orienteering Championships, in Tasmania, from 25th September to 4th October 2021.

A series of selection events will be held within the May-July period. The dates of these will be advised within the next few weeks, with further details of eligibility criteria, team selection commitments, and other relevant information. 

Your nomination must include the nominee’s name, parent/guardian name and contacts, including email and phone, age (and date of birth), and expected competition class. In 2021 the classes being contested are: Senior Boys/Girls – aged 19 and under at the end of 2021; Junior Boys/Girls – aged 15 and under at the end of 2021. Team members must be at least 12 years of age as at the end of 2021. 

Please forward nominations in the first instance to Tom de Jongh, ASOC Manager at
If you need further information or have any queries, please contact Valerie Barker , or on 0410 151 554.

Nominations should be submitted to the Manager by Friday 24th April, 2021 in the first instance. However, there will be options for late nominations where circumstances necessitate this.