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Board Shorts 227 – March 2021

The OACT Board met on 15 March. Apologies for not publishing these notes from that meeting earlier.
Minutes from the AGM held 19 April are available here.

Sub-committee reports

  • Event Planning & Management Sub-Committee – An initial meeting was held on 10 March. Geoff has circulated notes. There are still one or two 2021 AL event locations to be agreed. Phil is in contact with Waggaroos about the possibility of holding another event on the Cootamundra map next year.
  • Easter 2023 – An initial meeting was held on 15 February. Andrew Cumming-Thom has joined as a day organiser and Andrew Hobson as financial controller. There is an early consensus for consistency of start and finish teams, a dedicated health & safety/COVID/First Aid co-ordinator, clubs to take the lead for particular days’ events. Ideally both middle days (ie Day 1 Long Distance and Day 2 Middle Distance) will be held at the same venue and with organisers from the same club. Embargoes to be announced shortly, then permissions to be obtained. Stephen is to follow up accommodation and catering options with local entities.

The Board considered options for 2021 Season Passes for winter Metro, AL & Wed midday. Administratively it is much more convenient to have season passes, but financially the customary 50% threshold may be too low. The Board agreed an amount rounded up from 50% remains appropriate for this year.

On the issue of EOD, current practice is to allow it for newcomers only. Combined with issues around promotion, this may be a cause for the obvious drop in the number of regular orienteers entering community events (StreetO, midweek etc) on the day this year. The Board agreed we should continue to promote season passes for most series (not AL) and free entry for newcomers, and that we should allow EOD for regular orienteers, incl at Saturday events, but not AL events (which will remain pre-enter only). Clubs will need to be reminded this will require a registration table/officer, and we will need to facilitate EFTPOS (preferably and if in range) and cash payments. Cash entries in turn will necessitate a banking process.

The Board noted vacancies for the following positions are currently being progressed: Computer Operator and Newcomers Welcome Person, Blue Lightning Coaches and Manager, ACT Schools Coach, Coach Admin person to replace Nic PC, Co-ordinators for MapMates and Keep Up with Kids programs

Additional events

  • Event Management Workshop Saturday 17 April
  • Tate is to convene a computer operator’s course, with each club to be asked to send 3 representatives.
  • Proposal from David Hogg for OACT 50th Anniversary Wednesday 19 May. We can promote this in conjunction with the midday event on that day. A Night-O event could be run on the same course on the same day (perhaps co-badged as a WOD event), provided someone is willing to organise it.
  • OA AGM in Molong on Sunday 4 April at 3.00pm and other meetings at the Easter carnival incl technical, mapping and events.

Additional items

  • Sport Australia has provided OA with funds of which $5000 is available to OACT as a grant for Find Your 30/MapRun. Phil has approached several relevant OACT members about their interest in running an 8-event MapRun series in July/August, with a further series to be run in Spring coinciding with some StreetO events.
  • Nature Play Grants Program – Stephen to liaise with Susanne about submitting a MTBO application, preferably in the vicinity of LBG and Bruce Ridge.
  • SIAC – OACT’s supply has been exhausted. The Board supports OACT having a supply available in principle, provided we have a process in place to ensure payments can be properly recorded.
  • Use of CheckinCBR App is now mandatory and has started to be used at our events.
  • Hugh Moore is interested in more mapping over winter. Possible areas being considered include Murramarang, Black Flat (nr Nelligen), Little Bombay.
  • Jane is proposing to submit a bulk order for schools uniforms even though there is some lingering uncertainty about the event proceeding.