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Martin Dent Easily Overcomes All Challenges

Pictured: L to R: Martin Dent, David Stocks, Shannon Jones

The Moderate courses for Runners Shop Twilight Series event # 11 on Black Mountain on Wednesday were exceptionally challenging, but Martin Dent seemed to overcome those challenges easily to record the fastest time of 34 min 03 sec for the 5.6 km Moderate 1 course, with David Stocks second in 37 min 53 sec. Shannon Jones was the fastest woman in 50 min 04 sec. Andrew Kerr was fastest in 26 min 19 sec on the 3.6 km Moderate 2 course, with Kathie Dent the fastest woman in 48 min 14 sec.

The full results are here and the Winsplits are here. The maps and photos from the event are here

After the age/gender handicap factors were applied the top ten competitors were:

Competitor Handicap  Corrected times
Martin Dent 0.920 5 min 35.64 sec
David Stocks 0.910 6 min 09.36 sec
Shannon Jones 0.736 6 min 34.81  sec
Andy Hogg 0.860 6 min 26.39 sec
Andrew Kerr 0.940 6 min 52.29 sec
Mark Bourne 0.960 7 min 01.71 sec
Alison Inglis 0.640 7 min 14.86 sec
Paul de Jongh 1.000 7 min 20.89 sec
Emily Walter 0.680 7 min 30.38 sec
Owen Radajewski 0.820 7 min 31.38 sec

After the scores from event # 11 were applied, Dent had the best possible score, with six wins. The top five best six scores in the standings are:

  • Martin Dent RR A 750
  • Shannon Jones AO A 740
  • Ryan Stocks BS A 736
  • David Stocks BS A 734
  • Paul de Jongh BS A, Eric Morris BN N 720

The next event will be at Mt Taylor on Wednesday 10 February.