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Board Shorts 225 – Jan 2021

Now that OACT only has a single tier of governance, I am keen to ensure association members can stay in touch with what your Board is up to. I therefore intend to publish a short summary of business considered by the Board after each meeting. If this goes according to plan you can expect to see us in our board shorts approximately every six weeks…

Phil Walker, OACT President

Board Meeting 225 – 15 Dec 2020

Following the recent amendment to the constitution, the president welcomed returning members of the ‘new’ Board. In business arising from the previous meeting, the Board noted: the annual return has been lodged; OACT coach/representative shirts (pictured above) are due to arrive any day; Autumn SC-ORE was completed successfully; casual membership issues in Eventor have been escalated to OA; OACT will soon approach ACT Parks to gain a shared understanding about sensitive vegetation and our use of Canberra Nature Park; the Haig Park come-and-try day and the EOY function at Kambah Woolshed went well; Lawrie Brown is happy to run a MapRun training session.

The Board agreed in principle to: the President’s proposal for an Event Planning and Management Sub-Committee on which all affiliated clubs should be represented; other possible sub-committees including (a revival of) Finance & Expenditure, Mapping & Technical, Coaching & Development; Board meetings to be held approximately every six weeks, with reports to be provided on an alternating basis (subject to any special/urgent business requiring attention) from president/treasurer/secretary at one meeting, then executive officer/development officer/sub-committees the next; AGM 2021 to be held on 19 April.

The Board agreed to adopt a new Strategic Plan 2021-24 to be published on the OACT website (the new strategic plan is now available for download here).

For Easter 2023 the Board welcomed the self-nomination of John and Ann Scown between them to fill the roles of Level 3 Controller and Technical Director for the carnival. The preferred event format is Prologue/Sprint, Middle, Long and Relay-distance events. Possible locations TBC but in the meantime there should be a pre-Christmas bulletin calling for EOI for Carnival Director and Day Organisers.

The Board noted minutes from the recent OA discussion forums including: an imminent change to the model for Level 1, 2 and 3 coaches focussing on the competencies of the trainer rather than the skills of the trainee—it is expected there will be recognition of prior learning which may mean various OACT members will be eligible for accreditation under the new arrangements; OACT schools coaching methodologies had been well-received by members of the project reference group for the new schools curriculum; there are expected to be numerous positions to be filled on the OA Board in 2021.

The Board welcomed inclusion of OACT as a finalist in the CBR Sports Awards 2020 category of Minister’s Award for Innovation, with the winner to be announced on 16 December.

Next meeting: 1 February 2021