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Junior League Update – Round 6

In the last two weeks, the junior league has covered the extremes of running in the cold rain and snow on Narrabundah hill in round 5 through to the a beautiful, clear, end-of-winter skies of Farrer Ridge for round 6.  The updated scores after these two rounds can be found here.

A total of 28 runners have completed the minimum five courses needed to qualify for the final season scoring.  Of these, 14 have completed all six events and only need one more score to complete the maximum counted and can then look to throw away their worse scores if they complete any more events.

The M16 and M18 boys both have 6 competitors who have completed at least five events with the M14 and M10s close behind with 5.  Two entries in the M20 are at these numbers with a sole competitor reaching 5 in M12.

In the women’s classes, the W10 are leading the way with four competitors completing five or more events, three in the W16 and two in each of the W20 and W14 classes.  The W12 has a single competitor who has manged to complete all six events

Competitors completing all 6 events are Aurelie Leane, Katherine Hinchcliffe, Clare Alder, Zaf Bluett Jones, Charlie Seddon, Connor Lineen, Nicholas Brennan, Lachlan Ho, Jacob Miller, Michael Guthrie, Joseph Wilson and David and Ryan Stocks.