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Term 2 Focus on Girls Series Wraps Up

Five weeks of forest training wrapped up last week as a small squad of nine girls and their parents extended their bush navigation skills. Huge thanks to Bushflyer’s Caitlin Young keen for providing coaching assistance.

Topics covered included:

  1. (Social) O Distancing – knowing how far you’ve run
  2. Line features –man-made or natural always worth noticing
  3. Pits and mounds, Xs and Ys – check out detail
  4. Brain work – turning your mind to it with map memory
  5. Getting lost…….. and found.
  6. Regular weekly map jigsaw puzzle homework fun.

For girls interested in improving their bush and sprint navigational skills, targeting beginner to moderation standard, look out for new dates for Term 3 FOCUS on GIRLS.

For more information call Toni on 0411 969 001.