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MapRun Challenge for June

More and more people are have discovered the MapRun courses around Canberra.

At the end of May we handed out a special challenge for our cohort, could anyone complete all available MapRun courses in Canberra by the end of June?
It looks like many gave it a go, but nobody has been recorded as completing all of them.
Impressively, Ken Mansell was very close, having done all but one. Well done, Ken !

If you haven’t tried MapRun yet, check out the OACT MapRun page for information on how and where.
You can compete with others or yourself, or you can just go for a walk alone or with a friend. Either way, MapRun is a easy way to get out and about and is available when you it suits you.

MapRun Leaderboards

Bush Courses

Location Length Leader Results
Bruce Ridge Moderate 1 4.2km Martin Dent Link
Bruce Ridge Moderate 2 2.9km Cath Chalmers Link
Cooleman Ridge Course 1 4.9km Martin Wehner Link
Cooleman Ridge Course 3 3.4km Mark Bourne Link
Red Hill Moderate 1 4.9km Mark Bourne Link
Red Hill Moderate 2 3.3km Ken Mansell Link
Snowgums Course 1 4.0km Grant McDonald Link

Permanent Courses

Location Length Leader Results
Fadden Pines Short 2020 1.9km Eoin Rothery Link
Lotus Bay 20 min score Tom de Jongh Link

Street Courses

All Street Courses are 1hr score format.

Location Leader Results
Aranda-Bruce Martin Dent Link
Deakin Josh Mansell Link
Florey Ken Mansell Link
Monash Stephen Goggs (bike), Ken Mansell (run) Link
Red Hill Ken Mansell Link