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Getting O’ing Going Again

You can start orienteering again now – on one of the many permanent courses OACT has established around Canberra, or by trying out one of our new MapRun ‘events’.

Like most competitive sports, we are still limited to a COVID-19 maximum of 10 participants at any one time, and we do not yet have permission to access the Canberra Nature Parks, other parks, or private property we usually use for orienteering competition, but that doesn’t stop people going for a run by themselves or in small groups.

We’ve used this enforced downtime to check all our permanent course sites and add new line courses, and we are building a great range of virtual StreetO style suburban courses using smartphone MapRun technology.

You can find all the permanent courses here, and the list of MapRun courses is available here.

So dust off your shoes and compasses and start going o’ing!

The current leading results for the OACT MapRun courses are:

The challenge is out there for OACT orienteers to see who can do all courses by end June and fastest times by age. Updated best times and individual achievements will be provided in future OACT website articles.