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Something for Everyone at This Week’s Training

After a successful week of training including sprint intervals at UC, a day at Isaacs Ridge, and a diabolical twilight training map, coach in residence Fryderyk is planning another big week of training activities.
This week’s sessions include:

  • Tuesday – Sprint long technical training, about 6km, lots of controls. Targeting sprint specific running technique and endurance. Meeting at 6pm at National Library, parking here.
  • Wednesday – Training course at Campbell Parklands twilight event.
  • Friday – Armchair session on routechoice. Pen & Paper exercises with overseas and local examples.
  • Saturday Tuggeranong Parkrun. Part of tough weekend simulation (preparation for 6 race 3 day competitions coming up at the end of summer).
  • Sunday – Knockout Sprint! Two trainings, two venues! Qualifying – 10am at West Deakin Offices, Final – 6pm at Bruce CIT.

Details for all sessions are in the training calendar, please check it before each training so that you see any last minute changes.
Register for all acivities here. Enter early enough to be sure to have maps provided (by Monday 9pm or Wednesday 9pm preceeding the event).