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Shannon Jones Claims 125-pointer and the Overall Lead

Steady westerly winds minimised the bushfire smoke in the competition area for Runners Shop Twilight Series event # 8 at Aranda Snow Gums on Wednesday.  The shorter Sprint Distance courses were also appreciated by competitors, but a higher number of competitors than usual mispunched either through not visiting controls or not checking their punch was recorded. Shannon Jones was not only the best on corrected time on the evening, but through scoring the top points moved to the top of standings with the best five scores from eight events.

The top three competitors (men and women) on each course, before times were corrected for age and gender were:

  • Moderate 1: 3.6 km: 29 C: MEN: Paul de Jongh 18:15, Martin Dent RR A 18:32 Andrew Kerr 20:10; WOMEN: Shannon Jones AO A 21:58, Kathie Dent RR A 24:59, Emily Walter 26:27.
  • Moderate 2: 2.4 km: 21 C: MEN: Brendan Wilson BS A 16:59; Stephen Still 19:35, Jamie Elwood 24:49; WOMEN: Tara Sutherland PO A 21:47, Jenna Linehan RR A 26:19, Valerie Barker BS A 28:44.
  • Easy: 2.4 km: 12 C: MEN: Ryan Wilson 41:23; WOMEN: Rowan Edwards 30:34, Michelle Cochrane 32:33, Isobel Walter RR A.
  • Very Easy: 1.5 km: 8 C: MEN: Mica Walter RR A 14:19, Zaf Bluett-Jones AO A 15:20, Ben Mansell BS A 15:49; WOMEN: Rui Bluett-Jones AO A 14:17, Tessa Radajewski PO A 17:10, Veronika Iskhakova RR A 18:46.

The full results are here, Winsplits are here and the maps and photos will be on Facebook.

The top competitors after the age/gender factors were applied were:

  • 125 Shannon Jones AO A
  • 124 Martin Dent RR A
  • 123 Andrew Kerr PO A
  • 122 David Stocks BS A
  • 121 Paul de Jongh BS A

The top five best five aggregated scores, after eight events, are:

  1. Shannon Jones AO A 618
  2. Elin Erne PO A 616
  3. Martin Dent RR A 612
  4. Ella Cuthbert PO A 605
  5. Ryan Stocks BS A 604

The current standings are here.

Event nine will be at North Ainslie on Wednesday 1 December.