To meet promotional obligations, we need a variety of new photos of Canberra Cockatoos teams and individuals who win National League titles.  We need trophies to be included in the photos.

On Tuesday, Orienteering Australia announced the Canberra Cockatoos so far have won the Senior Men, Junior Men and Junior Women competitions. Tara Melhuish and Patrick Miller have won the individual junior classes.

Victoria leads the Cockatoos in the Senior Women, Simon Uppill has almost won the Senior Men, while in the Senior Women Bridget Anderson narrowly leads Natasha Key and that result will probably be decided on the last race.

We would like to take the photos immediately after the presentations on Sunday.  We need everybody to be wearing either their Blue tracksuit top or at least their yellow running top, with sleeves (preferably with the CBR logo). 

The photos we want to take are:

  • Tara and Patrick together and separately with their awards. If the presentations are made on Saturday, those photos could be taken on Saturday;
  • All the Cockatoos team members;
  • The Junior Men’s team, after their win is confirmed;
  • The Junior Women’s team;
  • The Senior Men’s team; and
  • The Junior Women’s team and the Senior Men’s team, together, as defenders of the titles they won in 2018

We know everyone will want to head back to Canberra ASAP, but these photos are very important, so please help by being dressed and ready to be photographed as soon as all the trophies have been presented:

  • For Tara, would you please organise the Junior Women.
  • For Patrick, would you please organise the Junior Men.
  • For Matt, Grace and Marty, would you please organise the Senior teams.

After you read this, please pass the information on to other Cockatoos