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Metro Series Resumes This Saturday

The 2019 ACT Metro Series & Junior League will resume this Saturday 27 July with event #10 at the University of Canberra (pictured above). All the event details are available here.

Bushflyer and reigning Australian Schools Sprint Champion, David Stocks, has set the following sprint courses:

CourseLength (via shortest route)ControlsScaleMap Flip
Orange 13.6km241:4000Yes
Orange 22.6km191:3000Yes

Competitors should note that the map will utilise a new ISSprOM 2019 symbol for the representation of multilevel areas. Usage of this symbol has been detailed in the course setter’s notes, which all participants are encouraged to read.

Please also take note of the various out of bounds symbols that will appear on the map, crossing of these areas is strictly forbidden.

The latest progress scores for the 2019 Junior League are available here.
The most competitive class is W10, with 32 competitors having scored points. In that class, Naomi Penton and Elizabeth Denney share an equal lead of just three points ahead of Ariadna Iskhakova. M12 and W20 are also close, with their respctive leaders, Joshua Mansell, and JWOC rep Tara Melhuish, both defending leads of less than ten points.